I believe that love is an extreme emotion. You can’t calculate love to a degree. So you can’t say, ‘I will love him or her but I will leave some love for myself’. You can’t do that. It’s either you love or you don’t. It’s either you’re in love or you’re not. There’s no in between. There’s no number, there’s no percentage.


How We Tried

Tried, but no enough. Tested, but cannot be.

Tried, but not enough. Tested, but cannot be.

1:04 AM and I just greeted somebody a happy birthday. We usually count days, like birthdays, because it reminds us of a significant event, usually important and wonderful ones. And every year, when we celebrate our own birthdays, it reminds us how fast time flies and that some things are here to stay. These things are beautiful because they stood the test of time and the terror of aging. But also, some things become memorable and magical because they don’t last.

So I’m sitting here with a friend beside me singing “welcome home, my lover, my friend” song which I really don’t have an idea what it’s all about and I thought, how many times have I wasted precious time?

We usually have said to do things but never actually do it.

It’s like when the time that I said ‘goodbye’ for a very long time but haven’t moved a step away. Time passed and I just stood there, doing nothing. We wasted time doing things we shouldn’t have done or exerted efforts where it was not needed.

How we tried to fix something not broken. Like a slow, working mobile phone or a relationship.

How we tried to fix something that cannot be fixed like a broken glass or a spilled milk.

Ho we tried to fix something all because it was already a habit like our hair in the morning or eye bags with concealer.

We do a lot of these things which we spent a lot of time doing. Fixing is good but may have a bad effect. Let the celebration of our birthdays remind us of these things.\

Let precious time stand its purpose. Let time be gold again.