About Me


I love watching movies of all kinds and read books of all sorts but mostly love stories. I love reading the 66 books of the Bible because the stories are really wonderful. I listen to music and my ears are not strict regarding the genre.

I believe I’m not a good writer but I write and that’s where everyone starts. I once wrote an essay that made my teacher in grade school laugh and enjoy every bit of it. I guess that’s the point of writing, to be heard and make others happy, to speak and make others think, to show and make others imagine, and to play and make others move.

I believe in second chances, grace and mercy.

I believe in the Higher Power and I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe that life is fair. Maybe not in the way we see things but in the way He plan things.

I know what to do and my imagination is really strong. I love peanut butter more than I love my bed and I love my bed more than school.

I’m a visual learner, based on a test I took. I’m also a “language-smart, people-smart and self-smart” person based on an answer sheet about multiple intelligence.

Have I mentioned I love movies? Oh, I did.

My favorite word is FAMILY and my favorite color is BROWN. I have a dog named Aslan and he’s white.

If I have nothing to do, I either sleep, watch a movie, read a book usually the Bible, or write something.

I don’t consider myself religious. I just love my God.

I love language and I love Mathematics but not as much as I love peanut butter.


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