The World of Intangible Edibles


There is the known tangible world of food. We become “full” through consumption and gain positive effects like becoming healthy physically and psychological satisfaction. The taste still affects the intake of the edibles. The more you like how it tastes, the greater is the chance of consecutive bites.

But there is another world that was never hidden but we labeled as unknown. The world of edible sight and vision. When food is served, our eyes are the ones that feast first (I believe that food must look delicious because its the presention that we eat first. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to argue about food being a need or a want). We often underestimate the power of visuals.

From that, it is not only the actual food that we eat but also the intangible appearance and effect that accompanies it.

Therefore, it is not only the rough reality that we bite but also the buried, humbled arrogance of expectations and risks that we dare consume.

A 20-year-old guy was reading a Book. He kept addressing as he shares that the texts and passages from the Book are his daily bread. He has been eating words for years then. He said, “My life as I know it has ended. But I started living when I was enlightened. And I wouldn’t have lived without the daily, unhindered and doubtless wisdom from the Book.”

The need and want of physical food is in the same degree with the need and want of other forms of food. May it be spiritual, emotional, intellectual, etc.

We grow through eating food of different form. Let’s try sitting on one corner and ponder. Have we been missing the necessary consumptions we should have been making?

We then are malnourished because of the lack of intangible edible consumptions.